Nervous Gender Chronology

1978: Nervous Gender forms: Gerardo Velazquez, Edward Stapleton, Phranc and Michael Ochoa.

3-79: Nevous Gender debuts at the Science Holiday event at Josie Roth's studio, LA.

4-13-79: Benefit For Los Angeles Women's Video Center, Lace Gallery, LA.(second concert)
Lineup: NG, Sister Angelica Furiosa, Cheri Gaulke, Ann Mavor, Fender Buddies, Tracers
"Punks and separatists cheered when "Do the Gestalt" was dedicated to Dr. Toni Grant, and Phranc swatted her head with an L.A. Weekly. Later her guitar didn't work for "What Can I Do?" and "Poets" was all noise. Then producer Annette Hunt announced that the 40 minutes were up and she didn't want to stay all night. "Pussies!" screamed Phranc to the audience before doing their last song, "Mommie's Chest." She left the stage snarling about the "goddamn dykes" while Gerardo, Michael and Edward seemed to take it more philosophically. ...", Z, Slash Magazine, Vol. 2 #6, June 1979. Read the entire review.
Photos: (Courtesy Steve Sharp)

6-1-79: Club 88, LA.

Lineup: NG, Plugz, Eddie + Subtitles.
"Nervous Gender (who opened on Friday) were a real surprise. Devo meet the Screamers-and they beat both those bands (especially the Screamers) at their own game." Al, Flipside Magazine #15. Read the entire review.
"All the band members sang, but the guy with the glasses won the cake for sheer terrorizing lunacy. Everything remained fierce and absolutely un-hummable, the audience went from helpless fascination to unreasonable aversion, depending on their need for newness, mental challenge, easy references or a box of Excedrin." Kickboy, Slash Vol. 2, No. 7. Read the entire review.

Mid-Summer 1979:
Don Bolles (Germs) joins Nervous Gender as a drummer.

Hong Kong, LA.

Lineup: NG, Bags, Human Hands.
"Percussion sounded primitively insane." Hud, Flipside Magazine #16. Read the entire review.

Hong Kong, LA.

Lineup: NG, Human Hands, Decayes

Hong Kong Cafe, LA
Lineup: NG, Overman, Urinals

Mabuhay Gardens, SF.

Lineup: NG, X-Ray Ted, Non, Impatient Youth.

King's Palace
Lineup: Dred Scott, Angry Samoans, Nervous Gender

Fall 1979:
Nervous Gender feature appears in San Francisco's Creep Magazine #3.

-79: Deaf Club, SF.
Lineup: NG, Units (23rd)

Deaf Club, SF. Part of the "Western Front" festival.
Lineup: NG, Pink Section.

Anti Club, LA
Lineup: NG, Fear and Brainiacs.
Reviews: "On stage, Phranc looks like a 14 year old runaway from a boys' reform school. And when she wacks her head repeatedly in time to the synthesizers in "Gestalt", you wonder if she'll ever be fit to function in "normal society". But a place in genteel civilization is not exactly what Nervous Gender is aiming for.", V/D, Slash Magazine Vol.3, No.1. Read the review.

Hong Kong Cafe, LA
Lineup: NG, Wall of Voodoo

Winter, 1980:
Phranc leaves NG to join Catholic Discipline, Kickboy Face's band.
Paul Roessler (formerly keyboard player of the Screamers) joins the band on "synthesizer and metal surface". Don Bowels leaves, and is replaced by Sven Pfeiffer, an 8 year old percussionist from Germany.

2-23-80: Roosevelts, SF.
Lineup: NG, Bpeople, Human Hands, Factrix.

2-24-80: The "Live At Target" sessions at Target Studios, Oakland.

Lineup: NG, Factrix, Uns and Flipper.

Whisky, LA.
Lineup: NG, Mommy Men.

Dada Show, LA.

Blackies, LA.

3-12-80: The Whisky, LA
Lineup: NG, Geza X & Mommy Men
"The audience was mostly fans who were soon mesmerized into mental disintegration. They were fun to see, especially young Sven, who despite the problems moving drums, has to be the youngest musician to ever play on the Whisky stage. In between sets he played with toy spacemen and knocked over all the tables and chairs backstage so as he put it "There was a wild party backstage!"." Paul Problem, Flipside Magazine #18. Read the entire review.
"Nervous Gender's primary virtue is that they exist at all. They're condemned to languish out this existence in an awkward and halting position - but they persevere with a peculiar, near reverent integrity toward it. If one can transform a dolorous fate into a poetic vision then harrowing monsters may be born. Nervous Gender's visions came with birth, not by invention. They stand out by their fading away, like a stranger in a dark corner who needn't show his face.", Will L'Amato, Slash Magazine Vol.3, No.3. Read the entire review.

Traction Gallery
Lineup: NG, Beelzebub Youth

Hong Kong, LA.
Lineup: NG, Human Hands, Voice Farm.

The 'Live At Target' LP is released by Subterranean Records. Besides tracks by Nervous Gender, the LP features Uns, Flipper and Factrix. See ad. Read the Slash Review.

NG play the second Western Front music festival, San Francisco

Brave Dog, LA
Lineup: NG, Victory Acres

Brave Dog, LA
Lineup: NG, Gun Club

Brave Dog, LA
Lineup: NG, Strong Silent Types

Hollywood Central Theater, LA
Lineup: NG, Johanna Went, Zev

Beyond Baroque Center, Venice, CA
Lineup: NG, Kommunity FK

Brave Dog, LA.
Lineup: NG, Kommunity FK

Late 1981/Early 1982:
Nervous Gender release their "Music From Hell" LP on Subterranean Records.

Whisky a go go, LA, CA.
Lineup: Vox Pop, Nervous Gender, Omlits

Album release party for "Music From Hell" at Brave Dog, LA.
Lineup: NG, Gobshite, Strong Silent Types, (Speedqueens)
"Nervous Gender played just about all the songs off their album plus old favorites that they seldom do like "Jesus Christ", "Gestalt" and "Mommy's Chest". Their set didn't suffer too much from the absence of drummer Don Bolles and all of them seemed to have a good time.", Robert Hill, Flipside Magazine #31, April 1982. Read entire review.

Al's Bar, LA

Lineup: SPK, NG
"Played at 'Al'S Bar' with local outfit Nervous Gender, excellent setup and show, well received.", SPK Primer, included with "Last Attempt At Paradise" Cassette.

8-26-82: Anti Club, LA
"An evening of dissonant rapture."
Lineup: NG, Voodoo Church and Modern Torture.

The One Way, LA.
Lineup: NG, Fat and Fucked Up, Lotus Lame, King Cotton, Fun House

Anti Club, LA
Lineup: NG, Super Heroines

O.N. Klub, LA
Lineup: Gobscheit, Super Heroines, Kommunity FK, guest

Music Machine, Los Angeles, CA
Lineup: Kommunity FK, NG, Party Boys, Nip Drivers

Perkins Palace, Pasadena, CA
Lineup: Specimen, Einsturzende Neubauten, NG

Club Lingerie, LA
Lineup: NG, PSI-COM, Kommunity FK

Berwin Entertainment Center, LA
Lineup: Red Lorry Yellow Lorry, NG

9-8-85: Anti-Club, LA
Lineup: NG, Plastic Glass, Fat and Fucked Up, Phranc

Roxy, LA

Lineup: NG, Psychic TV.

The Scream, LA. This was Edward Stapleton's last show with Nervous Gender.
Lineup: NG, ?

One Way, LA.
Lineup: Patrice Repose, Slug and Pressure Head.

Hammerhead, Long Beach.

"Keyboardists Mike and Joe, with Gerardo confronting the audience with lyrics about all aspects of sexuality, spare nothing." Don Lewis, Ben Is Dead #13. Read the entire review.

3-28-92: Gerardo Velasquez dies at the age of 33. An obituary is in Ben Is Dead #19.