Labotomy Magazine #3

SCREAMERS AT THE WHISKY JAN.7 (with Baby Blue& Rubber City Rebels)
Baby Blue became a cult classic, but that was only if you could appreciate the humor of a 40-year-old stripper being a cutsie-pie. RCRebels ok...The Screamers!!! Tomata, you-guys-why don't you all sit down & tell me why you no longer do-'Eva Braun' or 'Matar Dolores'? C'mon, kids, cook up a good excuse, b-cuz it's inexcuseable! Alright, Gear, ya look wonderful, you're a maniac, you're violent, yr hot-shit and ya know it. Tomata, yr only the most desperately unhinged personalty this side of anywhere, and you've got perfect, spasmodic control of the stage. Yeah, K.K., yr the best drummer in Hollywood, ya play while ya fall across the stage, someone's plugged ya into an electrical-outlet. Jeff, yr great, but you have nothing to do w/ this, so take yr praise and bow out; this is for the other 3... Fellas, yr terriff! I'll gush only praise. Yr new songs are tops. Yr groovy, fantabulous, I get hysterical when I see you, ect, ect. Now PLEEEEEZ, boys, will you do those other two songs???? Then I can die a happy woman.

- Pleasant Geham