Variety Magazine,
November 29, 1978

Songs, Instrumental
40 Mins.
Hurrah, N.Y.

   The Screamers, a Los Angeles New Wave combo, stirs things up with a high-volume, steady new rock 'n' roll program in its return to Hurrah. Although the rains were heavy outside in the midweek night caught, this rock disco was heavily attended, indicating the pull this quartet, ages 19-29, has after a short Gotham stay. The Screamers have been together for about 19 months.
   Music is straight heavy rock throughout with solid effect on youthful auditors. Tomata du Plenty, ex of Slaves of Rhythm, where he used the same stage handle, is a charismatic expressionless lead singer, whose limited-range
voice shows signs of strain. His hold on the crowd is there throughout. His mugging, rapid and jerky movements are key parts of the image.
   Instrumentation is unusual, including a strong, unyielding beat by a drummer known only as K.K. -Tommy Gear, on synthesizer and organ, aids vocally. Paul Roessler is the other firstrate keyboardman.
   Garb is black, although Plenty is shirtless by the set's end. Early, the four members leave the stage as the beat and instrumental sound continues on tape for about five minutes. Just when this bit begins to wear, The Screamers return for the rest of the exciting set. This appears an act with commercial potential in its field. -Kirb.