Live Review, Flipside #15

SCREAMERS/ TOTAL MEDIA at the Whiskey May 17,18,19
by Paul Problem
"I am a minch!" states Tomata du Plenty. Whatever, Tomata is great and so are the rest of the Screamers. A new line up with two hippies on violins and the infamous Sheila on vocals on two songs.
A whole new show with only a couple of familiar songs like "Vertigo" and "I Wanna Hurt." Sheila is the highlight of "I Wanna Hurt" when she literally screams her lungs out. She caused quite a bit of audience response. Local vampire girl does good, very visual with the band dressed fairly normal except Tomata, who still spikes his hair and goes into convulsions. The Screamers are choreographed by some guy named Renee, who was having it video taped for a movie he's making.
A lot of people bitched at $6.50 a show, but the first night someone out front gave me a ticket for the first show, and before the second set, Sheila got me backstage so I stayed for the second set.
The next night I was on the crew, helping them while they filmed. So I saw both shows for free. I'm not bitching except for the fact that some fucking (jealous) asshole who works the stairs for the Whiskey was harassing me before the show started. I'm talking to Geza and he comes up and starts yelling at me for walking around the Whiskey and doing nothing. What am I supposed to do? What has the Whiskey turned into? A prison? He even harassed Paul Rossler of the Screamers.