Recent Performances by the new model Screamers

The Carnival DuPlenty, Nov. 5, 2000, Fais Do Do, LA.
Paul Roessler(keyboards/electronics/vocals) and KK Barrett (drums, vocals) performed some Screamers songs. They played, though not in this order, Punish or Be Damned, Sex Boy, Gloomy Sunday and The Beat Goes On.

"Class of '77 Reunion / Flipside Benefit", Dec. 9, 2001 at El Rey Theater, LA.
Barrett and Roessler performed Punish or Be Damned, Sex Boy and Eva Braun in their entirety, along with pieces of 122 Hours of Fear and The Beat Goes On. Blank Magazine (Feburary 2002) said "The Screamers... turned in an impressive set (sans Tommy Gear and sadly Tomata Du Plenty who died earlier this year) for a band that probably hasn't rehearsed for 20 years." There is also a review and picture or this event at

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