"controlled nervous breakdown"
   I've been asked to write about the SCREAMERS, THE NEW (PUNK) PHENOMINUM', that seems to be skyrocketing out of Hollywood. They are so new and inventive that I find it with great difficulty to describe them in words, much less oooh!'s and

Screamers perform for SLASH party goers
ahhh!'s I feel that the SCREAMERS will be all things to all people. Their music seems to strike at the individual heartbeat. See them with a friend and the two of you will walk away with two different impressions. The SCREAMERS are not an entertainment, they're an assault!
    I've compiled a brief list of varied SCREAMER QUOTES to give you but a brief sampling. The.real treat is in the tasting. Go see the SCREAMERS when they tour this summer, look for their new single soon.
   "Their music sounds
like danger!" . . . Lisa Fancher (Steet Life Mag.) "Holy Mackeral!" ... a black man on the bus, "Oh I want to take your picture"... Women's Wear Daily, "When can I come over to see you"... Chouket (I Wanna Be Your Dog), "Infucking credible!" ... Phast Phreddie (Back Door Man), "Outta, Space"... A hustler on Selma St., "The Future ... the one and only group in this galaxy to have done away with guitar and other lame gimmicks" ... Kickboy Face(Slash), "Why are they keeping me waiting?"

Tomata and Chris (Blondie) exchange knock-knock jokes
Kim Fowley, "Extra terrestial intelligence" ... Record World, "Man! I dig your style." ... a toga-clad usher at the fabulous Forum, "I can't tell you what you've done for me - saved my life and made me feel strong and unstoppable; new energy." ... Lee Lumsden, "Not since the New York Dolls" ... Bob Taylor (L.A. Free Press), "These guys are fucking great!"... Jake Rivera (President of Stiff Records), "Sign em! Sign em! Sign em!" ... the DAMNED, "I've got champagne for you"... Re Styles (Tubes), "Do you want some more-suntan Iotion?"... Danny Fields (16), "It is all happening here!"... Rodney Bigenheimer at SCREAMERS premiere, "You guys are FUN" Michael Des-Barres (Detective). "I've always wanted to meet you!" ... Jane Freidman (manager of Patti Smith, John Cale, Television and Talking Heads) "Why don't. you guys play with us?" ... Debbie Harry (Blondie), "Like the SCREAMERS". Greg Shaw (Who Put the BOMP), "Ya gotta let me buy ya a drink"... DeeDee Ramone