The Massive Thank - You Page:

It's been about three years since I started this project. In that time, a number of great people have written, contributing music, articles, pictures, videos, advertisements, anecdotes, opinions, testimonials and revelations.

Here they are:

Trevor Blake: For initial collections, inspiration, and all manner of support. Box 2321

Terry Sharkie: For information, context and a greater understanding of time and movement.

Dan Bailey: For tapes, articles, inspiration and promotion.
Danny Gromfin: For a pile of priceless flyers.
Discourge Rock N Roll of Portland: For some great source material.
Steven Rascoe: For lots of great flyers.
Jay "Roc Yae" Tee: For articles.
Chris O'Connor: For articles and flyers.
Skip King: For flyers and a ticket stub.
Steve Beeho: For source material.

Units Site:
Pea Hicks: For some rare records.
Wes Holley: For info on truly obscure releases.
Mike Lukomski: For info on other Units bands.
Mike O'Hagan: For information on other Units.
Alex Unit: For information, tapes, records and enthusiasm.
Tim Ennis: For music, flyers and information.
Scott Ryser: For tapes, articles and explanations.

Screamers Site:
Chris Ziegler: For articles, CDs, and scans.
Frankie Cute: For a great video.
Troy: For knowing lots, and sharing it.
Keith Barrett: For setting the record straight.
Jeff McGregor: For an incredible amount of support.
Tim Gerdes: For some articles.
Mark Landman: For some articles.
Erik Whitaker: For music, pictures and all manner of support.
Mike O'Hagan: For a great CD.
Atakra: For some leads.
Freya Palmer: For some articles and pictures.
Peter DiMaria: For some history.
Emily: For pictures and other material regarding the Carnival Du Plenty.
Alan Wright and Lisa Lindstrom: for articles, photos, and other material.
Greg McWhorter: For important recordings and information.
Stuart Barnes: For lyrics.

Nervous Gender Site:
Mike O'Hagan: For a truly interesting tape.
Edward Stapleton: For his thoughts and experiences.
Steve Sharp: For photos

Tone Set Site:
Ulf Johansson: For information.
Galen Herod: For setting the facts straight.
Marc Shaffer: For information.
Paul: For information.
Greg Horn: For information.
Greg McDeath: For some facts on wax.

Our Daughter's Wedding Site:
Jesper: For record scans and discography information.
Wes Holley: For scans and information.
Ulf Johansson: For an article

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