Winter 1982/1983: The Units are forced to re-form. Twin brothers David and Jabari Allen join on synthesizer and vocals and Mark Henry becomes the new drummer.

"The Right Man" finally leaves the disco charts in the first week of April after staying for 13 weeks.

Spring 1983: Based on the success of the The Right Man single, the Units are signed with Epic/CBS Records.

Summer 1983: The Units "A Girl Like You" single is released by Epic/CBS and a video is filmed.

The Units travel to Wales to record a new album at Rockfield Studios, with Bill Nelson again as the producer.

Scott: "We spent a month living and recording at Rockfield Studios, and shared meals and living quarters with, of all people, Robert Plant of Led Zepplin, who was also living there at the time."

July 13 1983: The "A Girl Like You" 12" is released by Epic, Epic 49-04030. The title track is backed with "A Girl Like You 2," a remix by Ivan Ivan(Men Without Hats). Read advertisments and reviews.

Fall 1983: The Units play in and around San Francisco. Their shows include an opening slot for Soft Cell at the Kabuki Nightclub.
In October, their New Way To Move EP is released by Epic/CBS.
Mark Henry also leaves in October, to be replaced by B.C. Carter on drums.

I-Beam, SF (Oct 3 83): Shadow Minstrels

October 7 1983: The Units release their New Way To Move EP, Epic 5E 38992. Tracks are "The Right Man," "A Girl Like You," both from previous releases plus "New Way To Move," "Your Face," "More Alike" from the sessions in Wales and "More More Alike," a remix by Ivan Ivan(Men Without Hats). It comes out in both 12" and tape formats.
Read avertisements and reviews.

Stone, Palo Alto(Nov 11 83): Our Daughters Wedding

Stone, SF
(Nov 12 83): Our Daughters Wedding

Kabuki Nightclub, SF
(Nov 16 83): Soft Cell, Hard Attack.
Part of the West coast leg of the first and last American Soft Cell tour.