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From Trouser Press #28, November 1979

Slash Magazine, October 1979

Review by Claude Bessy (RIP)
This E.P. by San Francisco's premier sythesizer band rocks harder than you'd ever think an "experimental group" was capable of, and once you get over the unusual lack of bottom sounds (which incidentally tags it as the whitest music around) you might make it part of your regular diet. There are 3 very jerky uptempo tunes (not jerky in the idiot Devo way) and one atmospheric piece a la Eno-Music for Bathrooms. A really good no bullshit record.

New York Rocker, November 1979


EP: "High Pressure Days," "Cannibals" b/w "Work," "Cowboy" (no label)

Synthesizer bands don't normally thrill. Rather, they tend to lull the listener, falsifying and distorting the images and ideas at hand. San Francisco's Units are not that kind of synthesizer band. All four songs on this EP (even the instrumental!) are straightforward, exciting, lyrical experiments in understanding the beast and making it rock. Two machines and a drummer. Not pastoral visions but urban ones. Not peaceful, still angry. Not satisfied, still probing and asking questions. New life brought to old techniques. How surprising. How wonderful.

(R. B.)

"New Wave"
New West magazine

Units, "Work" (blank label, 1979, NC): electronic punk that works...for the community!

Janet Duckworth