Film and the Units:

Units Training Film #1

Assembled from bits and pieces of obsolete instructional shorts, home movies and inspired miscellany, the Training Films were an important part of Units performances. They were produced by Scott Ryser and Rachel Webber. During concerts, they were projected onto screens behind the band. At other times, a 12 minute film compiled from the set was shown sans band, like at the "5th of July Film Celebration" in 1979. There, it was third in a lineup that included films by Devo and The Residents, among others.
Following are a few stills.

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West / East

The Units composed the soundtrack for West/East, a 1979 skateboarding film produced by Tony Labat.

A Girl Like You

Produced by Epic/CBS in 1983, this was the only Units video shown on MTV. Unlike the other Units film productions, though, the Units had little artistic control over their involvement in the video.