The Rock Yearbook 1982

p. 37-38

With Wendy (nee Walter) Carlos keeping a low profile these days - she has been seen around the international music fairs and festivals - and Malcolm Cecil off with Stevie Wonder, you have to turn to America's new wave to find good electronic music. Larry Fast, he of Synergy and the excellent electronics on Peter Gabriel's third album, attained audiovisual canonization recently, on the videotape 'Odyssey'. Perhaps predictably, the computer visuals induce eyestrain, but Fast's flaccid warblings fail to strain anything - bar, that is, your wallet.

Help is at hand, though, in the shape of young bands like San Francisco's Units and NY's Our Daughter's Wedding. The former, especially, produce a dizzying, multi-referenced dance music - akin, almost, to Britain's Human League or BEF. Their debut album, 'Digital Stimulation', takes inspiration from Africa, Bali and your average jukebox, and offers what must be America's first party-time electronic album.