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14 Records,
Flipside Magazine #18, May 1980

by Hud
(Spelling and some punctuation corrections made.)

The Units
Warm Moving Bodies/I-Night#Hud

/Warm Moving Bodies: Kraftwerk+E.L.P.=This song, though a bit of their own character comes out-good lyrics, "out of 6 million sperm cells / I cam in first and won / a warm moving body."

/I-Night: When the synthesizers fill in after vocal parts, E.L.P. comes to mind, lyrics complement the music. I would say that they're talking about an out of body experience? Remember the Mad Scientists Club (paperback books)? Well imagine those kids growing up, getting hold of synthesizers and other familiar instruments. That's this band. They are worth seeing live, fun and stimulating.

Slash Magazine, Vol 3 #3

I hate synthesizers but both sides of this make me eat my words. Listen to "I-Night" and re-evaluate the bloated crap that comes out of most electronic groups. Once the singing starts, though, on "Warm Moving Bodies" I throw in the towel. It's some of the lamest vocal arranging ever to be found anywhere and the words are the standard science-art jokes that've gotten as sickly cute as leopard skin on Saturday Night Live. "I-Night" doesn't fall victim to this syndrome, instead letting loose with one of the wildest riffs this side of Metal Urbain. The words are shuddery and bleak, and the vocals tolerable.