1978: The Units form as an seven-piece in the San Francisco alternative art scene. They soon shrink to two friends from Redding.

1979: The Units debut and quickly gain critical and popular success. They release their first record and play California.

1980: The Units release their next record, split apart, reform, get signed to 415 and record and release their first LP.

1981: The Units tour the East, loose their drummer, gain two members, meet Bill Nelson and play a boxing match.

1982: The Units record their second LP, produced by Bill Nelson, tour America with OMD, break with 415, record with Michael Cotten, and release a dance hit on uprOAr.

1983: Units lose two members, gain two members, sign with Epic/CBS, record in Wales with Bill Nelson, release "A Girl Like You" single and video, play shows again and release "A New Way To Move" EP.

1984: Epic/CBS buries the third Units LP, the Units break up and move away from SF.

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