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High Pressure Days

A1. High pressure days
A2. Cannibals
B1. Work
B2. Cowboy

7", 8-9-79, SR-20-630.

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Warm moving bodies

A1: Warm moving bodies
B1: I-night

7", 3-3-80, SR-16-778

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A1. High pressure days
A2. Work
A3. Cowboy (Long intro)
B1: I-night
B2: Warm moving bodies
B3. Cannibals

12", 1979?

Note: Thanks to Wes Holley for the information on this EP.
Very little is yet known about it.

Digital stimulation

1. High Pressure Days
2. Digital Stimulation
3. Warm Moving Bodies
4. Go
5. Mission
6. Cannibals
7. Bugboy
8. Tight Fit
9. Passion or Patterns
10. Town by the River
11. Cowboy

415 Records A-0003
LP, 10-10-80, PA-91-167

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The Right Man

First Pressing

First Pressing

Second Pressing

Second Pressing

A1: The Right Man 4:09
B1: The Right Mix 4:53

up rOAr records # Up 101
12", Late 1982

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A Girl Like You

A1: A Girl Like You
B1: A Girl Like You, part 2

Epic 49-04030
12", 7-12-83, SR-50-520

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New Way to Move


1. The Right Man.
2. A Girl Like You.
3. New Way to Move.
4. Your Face.
5. More Alike.
6. More More Alike.

Epic 5E 38992
EP, 10-7-83, SR-50-538

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